JEFFREY LONG, Paintings 1970-2020




Copyright 2021

With an interview with the artist, essays by Robert Atkins, Kenneth Brower, David Maxim, and a poem by Michael Joseph Arcangelini, with an introduction by Robert Atkins.

This book presents the multi-directional scope of paintings, drawings, watercolors and collages of this significant California artist. Viewers of this volume can study the array of artworks, both abstract and representational, which characterize the artist’s ever-moving quest over five decades.

Essays by an art critic, an environmental activist, and a fellow painter are written in clear, everyday language and are followed by 360 images arranged by decade with accompanying commentary. Sketchbook pages and anthropomorphic figures of the 1970s are followed by the woodblock-like gouaches and powerful totemic landscapes of the 1980s. In the 1990s works of layered abstraction include elegiac references and oblique narratives on the subjects of AIDS, biology, place, and environmental degradation. In the 2000s elements of mid Twentieth Century design combine with tribal motifs and quotations from earlier Modernist painters. In the 2010s Long returns to representational painting, his subjects ranging from the human figure, through birds and landscape to architecture.

Visually disparate as the artist’s work appears, the viewed will discover the underlying leitmotif, a connectedness to nature and to design fundamentals. Long sifts through the detritus of cultures to uncover unexpected connections in the ways we apprehend the world around us


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